Cheap Holidays

Your romantic getaway can be a cheap holiday for your wallet it's all in the planning!

If you're an average person today in the U.S., you've probably been tightening your financial belt in an effort to keep up with rising expenses. Most of us are discovering new ways to trim the food budget, driving less and cutting the discretionary spending, such as entertainment. For many adults, it's your fun that takes the first hit. You want the kids to have some entertainment and that can run you some bucks. However, you've got to have a little play time. It can't be all work.

Romantic getaways can give you a burst of energy and revitalize you for another month. These weekend getaways needn't max out the credit card. In fact, these can be cheap holidays. You just need to do a little clicking online to find some fantastic deals on all inclusive vacation packages not too far from home.

Looking for the delightful little B&B in your own area saves you much on gas. No matter where you live, there are lovely, romantic spots close to home. Our definition of romantic getaway no longer means a trip to Hawaii or other faraway destination. There may well be some little mountain inn just an hour's drive away. So begin your search by pulling out a map of your immediate region.

A new trend in the hospitality industry is emerging, big time. Hotels and the B&B's are now offering coupons for $50 worth of gas for sightseeing or whatever, if only you'll book with them. Many others are offering special rates you haven't seen in a while. In the fall, rates drop in resort areas and even in some metropolitan areas.

Let's say you live in San Francisco. Although you're less than an hour's drive away, have you ever stayed in Sausalito? Have you gone to a B&B in the Napa-Sonoma wine country? Quite likely not. Get online and search for 'California Napa Sonoma cheap holiday' or whatever your choice. You see there are no less than 300,000 choices! Click through to sites that interest you and look for the deals, printable coupons and the like.

When you're looking locally, your local travel agent can connect you with some cheap holidays which, despite the unromantic name, are indeed, the elusive romantic getaway.

So, this cheap holiday, a.k.a. Romantic getaway can be a win-win deal. You save gas and travel time. You get a rate you can afford. Your weekend becomes longer. Dinner and champagne are now within the budget. If the kids need you, you can be home in no time.

So life needn't be quite so dull. Spice things up with your cheap, but entirely romantic, weekend.

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