Save Money On Gas

Ten simple ways to save money on gas, without driving yourself crazy!

The price of gasoline / petrol today is so ridiculous, it's a topic of discussion in every household. Most of us don't have electric or hybrid cars. We're stuck with the old gas guzzler. However, the cost of driving has become such an issue with our budgets, that we're all looking for ways to save money on gas. Here are ten tips that will help you tame this ferocious budget guzzler.

Drive less. While it sounds obvious, it still saves money and is not as silly as it seems. “How can I drive less? I've got to go to work!” Talk to some of your friends at work and see if you can car pool. The slight inconvenience of waiting to be picked up can significantly cut your gas costs. Public transportation is another option. While less convenient, it's much better than an empty wallet at the end of the week. When you do drive, organize your errands such that there's no backtracking. Do any errand you can on the way home.

I don't know about you, but I'm that woman who knows nothing about the mechanics of a car. Although I was told that proper tire inflation produced better mileage, I never actually did it – until recently. I was shocked to find that I get, on average, a couple of miles extra out of a gallon of gas. Really!

Clean oil, changed every 3000 miles also gives you better mileage. Here again, it's easy and cheap enough to do, but how many of us actually keep up on this mundane task? Each of these tips are legitimate and significant ways to save money on gas. The more of these tips you use, the more you'll save.

Getting tune ups when they're needed gets into more sensitive budget territory. If you can't afford to get the full blown tune up at the shop, here's a little trick that serves as a way to save money on gas, while still leaving you enough cash to fill the darn tank. By changing just the spark plugs, you've effectively had a mini tune up. When the plugs get fouled, your car is working harder to go the same distance. Anything that lightens the load on the engine and increases its efficiency is a way to save money on gas.

Driving at 55 mph, instead of 65 mph, will increase your gas mileage anywhere from 1-3 mpg, depending on your make and model of vehicle! Besides being a safer driving practice, it's one of the best ways to save money on gas consumption.

If you turn on the a/c in summer at the first hint of hot, think again. A car's air conditioner absolutely sucks gas, so before you turn it on, think about how hot it actually is. You may have a comfort zone adjustment when you think of the dollars that a/c unit consumes.

Make a practice of removing unnecessary items from your car. That set of weights you left in the car last summer are eating up your mileage. My particular nemesis is books. If I have a doctor's appointment, I bring a book. Pretty soon, I've accumulated 50 pounds of books and magazines, eating up gas every mile. I've stopped that wasteful habit now!

If you're in the practice of leaving the engine running while you run back inside to retrieve your glasses, stop it. If the engine will be running for more than two minutes, you're better off turning it off. When you're looking for ways to save money on gas, you've got to consider every possible waste of this expensive commodity.

When you're driving on the interstate, over hill and dale, keep your foot off the gas when you're going downhill. Coasting in this way is safe, because the compression of the engine won't allow you to careen down the hill. If your speed falls below 55 mph, then apply the gas.

Our last tip on ways to save money on gas is to shop your gas stations. There are websites dedicated to compiling, by zip code, the cheapest gas price in your area on any given day. Happy driving to you!

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