Home Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening once performed only by the dentist. Demanded high costs, and not everyone could and wanted to spend that much even though it seemed very important, sometimes there is any fear of the dentist, so that it could be an obstacle to many. However, over the years increased desire and need more white teeth aesthetic. Home teeth whitening solution. These are not really whiten your teeth but to remove surface stains, and it shows lighter. Such creams usually use abrasives to polish the enamel, or use silica limestone (calcium carbonate) to polish the stains.

For many, teeth whitening at home basically means using techniques homemade. Salt and baking soda, walnut, orange peel, strawberries - all these are considered before a solution is whitening being used at home.

But more and more people want whiter teeth and still do this especially at today prices and product evaluations decreased significantly for use in turn to teeth whitening self service. It is also not at all complicated and quite easy,

Many, however, the desire to achieve professional results. Low price cheapest solution comes in the form of teeth whitening kit at home, teeth whitening offered estimates today contain the same ingredients which are used in the dentist's practices, carbamide oxygen ie oxygen, chlorine bleach, low concentration. Strength of the gels for use in the home can vary from 16 to 33 percent, which is the same standard used by professionals. Trays are used, simple enough for personal use syringe take place gel material on the tray and then put on the teeth, usually leave up to 30 minutes. Differences in certain sets, sometimes using light activator accelerator speeding up the process. Today there are trays that you can customize. Instead of ordering lab trays, rather expensive prices. Thermo-moldable foam trays of the more popular that the tray is inserted in hot water to soften it, making the bite of the teeth is taken. When it solidifies again, it is used to customize for gel application. Learn more how to save on Teeth Whitening at Home with Teeth Whitening Kit

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