Cheap software does not necessarily translate to poor quality software!

When you hear someone refer to a product as 'cheap', you tend to think this has a negative connotation. In some cases, this may be true. A cheap pair of shoes or cheap paint brushes are just a couple of examples.

However, when it comes to software that doesn't carry a big price tag, you can find some incredibly good software buys on the net.

Why would a software developer sell a good piece of work cheaply? This is a legitimate question, easily answered. You're probably used to the packages of huge corporations, which are definitely not cheap. An individual software developer may spend a great deal of time developing a software package, but once it's done, there's no further effort required. The developer doesn't have to share his profits, nor give up any of his rights to a corporation. While it may have been a year in the making, he can offer it to the public at a nominal price and make a significant amount of money. You can see how cheap software can be both cheap and of excellent quality.

Quite often, the developer offers a free trial download, so you can play around with this software and see for yourself how well it works before you ever pay a penny. If you decide it doesn't fulfill your expectations, you won't buy and you're out nothing. On the other hand, your cheap software trial download may prove to be exactly what you need for your purposes.

When you consider that open source software costs nothing, your puzzlement may increase. There are open source software packages which rival and in some cases, surpass the quality of some well known and pricey packages. OpenOffice, for example, is free and does pretty much everything that Microsoft Office(TM) provides. So what does the development team for OpenOffice gain? A name in the IT field, for one thing. All of the code is developed by individual contributors and submissions are screened for only the best caliber of work. A developer becomes an automatic expert, which gains he or she an elite status and career advancement.

It's much the same for developers of cheap software packages. They make a good income and have a chance at setting a new standard in the competition's pricey version. If their software gains traction, with millions of new adherents, word of mouth soon gives the big guys a run for their money. That cheap software may edge them out!

So there's no reason to assume that cheap software is not excellent. How do you find these deals? You can start with a search on 'cheap software downloads', which will turn up a number of sites with thousands upon thousands of software programs, categorized by subject or use. If you're looking for specific software, search 'subject-or-application cheap download'. Go ahead, browse to your heart's content. You have nothing to lose and much to gain!

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